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Hand Drill Friction Fire-Making Kit

Hand Drill Friction Fire-Making Kit


Hand Drill Friction Fire-Making Kit 

Mule Fat (Baccharis viminea)  or Mare’s Trail (Conyza) drill
Box Elder (Acer negundo) or Incense Cedar hearth

Not all woods, or even sometimes individual pieces within a species, will work in friction fire-making kits. These kits, made from excellent friction fire materials, are individually tested so that you can be sure whether or not you need a better kit, or if just need to work on technique. We have taught this method to hundreds of people for almost 20 years and use these same woods and educational materials in our classes.

Hand Drill Friction Firemaking How-to Handout included
(contains tips on efficiency, how to get started, basic friction firemaking concepts, lists of good fire-making woods and tinders and how to make a kit.)

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