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Spiritweavers Gathering
to Jun 17

Spiritweavers Gathering

Tamara plans to teach workshops on Nutty About Bay Nuts, Knotted Net Water Bottle Bags, Keiki Camp Beadmaking & IUD Awareness Story Share 

Tamara plans to teach workshops on Nutty About Bay Nuts, Knotted Net Water Bottle Bags, Necklace from Sticks & Stones & IUD Awareness Story Share 

Spiritweavers Gathering in Cave Junction, OR

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String From Sticks
10:00 AM10:00

String From Sticks

Immerse Yourself in the World of Plant Fibers!
with Tamara Wilder

Learn a very useful and inspiring method for turning a pile of twigs into twine! Extract high quality fiber from dogbane (Apocynum cannabinum) and other local native & naturalized plants and explore several different cordage methods including leg rolling, mouth rolling, triangle twisting & splicing.

ONLINE REGISTRATION or call 510-664-7606

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Winter Count Workshops
to Feb 16

Winter Count Workshops

near Florence, AZ (Outside Pheonix)
February 10-16, 2019

Tamara plans to teach a series of workshops to create a netted water bottle bag, with woven strap, including making the tools for each project.
Participants can do the whole series or just a single segment.
Workshop sign-ups take place on the first day of the gathering.

Make Your Oak Shoot Shuttles

for Cardwoven Belt Class on Wednesday and/or Knotted Net Water Bottle Bags on Friday
$2 material fee per shuttle +
$2 materials fee for measure

Card Weaving Prep

Make your cards for the Card Woven Belts Class on Wednesday
$5 materials fee

3-Ply Cordmaking -

Create your 3 ply hemp cord for the Knotted Net Water Bottle Bag class on Friday.
$5 materials fee

Card Woven Belts - all day
$25-$60 (materials fee varies depending if you make your own tools on Monday or are buying them)
$5 book & $20 wool - basic materials.
$20 cards & $15 shuttle - if purchasing tools

Card Weaving finish

Knotted Net Water Bottle Bags

$5-$50 ((materials fee varies depending if you make your own tools on Monday or are buying them)
$5 book - basic materials
$15 shuttle, $15 measure & $15 string - if purchasing tools & supplies

Adult Regular Registration-  $435 unless they sell out before that.
Teen Registration- (Ages 13-15) $175
Youth Registration- (Ages 9-12) $150
Kids Registration- (Ages 4-8) $50
Kids (ages 1 to 3 ) FREE

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Dogbane Preserve Stewardship Day
10:00 AM10:00

Dogbane Preserve Stewardship Day

Cordage Demo/Hands-on with Tamara Wilder
& Site Stewardship Outing with Sonoma County Open Space

January 27, 2019


Santa Rosa, CA

Join Edward Willie, Tamara Wilder, Autumn Summers and a host of other stewards to learn about the important uses of Dogbane (Apocynum cannabinum), as we explore and steward the Dogbane Preserve at Alba Lane in Santa Rosa which is protected by your Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District.

We will begin our time together with a demonstration of how to make string from the Dogbane plant and learn why this important native fiber plant and local cultural resource is being protected by the Open Space District. We will then learn how to sustainably harvest dogbane to take some stalks home with us.

Participants are also encouraged to lend a hand for a few hours in helping protect and manage this important space by following directions on how to best remove invading species of blackberry and harding grass and help encourage and promote the already occurring healthy regrowth of the dogbane plants following the wildfires in 2017.

Please bring a gloves, shovels, loppers or clippers, water bottle and something to sit on for the demonstration.

A Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation & Open Space Event

Alba Lane (where it dead-ends into the 101 Freeway) in North Santa Rosa, CA.
West from Old Redwood Hwy.
Between the Old Redwood Hwy & Mark West Springs Exits of Hwy 101.

Hands-on demonstrations; families welcome


Rain or Shine!

Hope to see you there!
Please use the link below to let us know you plan to attend, to get email notifications of any change in the schedule and/or to get email notifications of future events. Thanks!

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Nutty About Bay Nuts
10:00 AM10:00

Nutty About Bay Nuts

at the Sonoma Horticultural Nurseryin Sebastopol, CA
$120 - $150 sliding scale

The nuts of the California Bay Laurel (Umbellularia californica) can be roasted into a delicious treat that is much like an espresso bean in its flavor and stimulating qualities. 

These delicious nuggets can be carried around as is and used as a stimulating snack or they can be ground up to form a melted "truffle" which resembles fine chocolate, which can be enhanced with other delicious flavors such as salt, maple sugar, honey, etc... which make most people say
"I can't believe it's not chocolate!"

As a group we will crack, sort & prepare these nuts into whatever confections we desire using additional flavorings such as madrone berries, manzanita berries, etc.....

To Register, please pay $60 deposit to hold your space.
Balance due at the workshop.
Please bring a lunch to enjoy at the picnic table by the lake in the beautiful gardens.

Drop-In Registrations are welcome.
The class will be held in the house adjoining the Nursery at 3970 Azalea Lane in Sebastopol.
Please park in Nursery Parking lot and follow path uphill from the Gazebo to the house.
Azalea Lane is off Mcfarlane Rd, off Hessel, off Hwy 116 between Sebastopol & Cotati.

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"Using the Whole Animal"
to Jan 13

"Using the Whole Animal"

  • Petaluma, CA, 94954 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


Be more self sufficient & learn how to humanely transform an animal into food.

Pigs are the most "edible" animal and have long been a staple of food and fat for and-based families worldwide.

Join us in this very hands-on process of slaughtering and butchering a domestic pig.

$300-$400 sliding scale
(includes all materials and a portion of what we create to take home)

Please pre-register with a $150 deposit to hold your spot in the class and allow us to prepare properly. The online registration form will reserver your space and send us your info, but is not working for actual payments. Bring payment with your or deposit can also be sent from the Paypal website to
Please contact us if there is a problem with online registration process.



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